Hustings Meeting, 19th March 2018

Hustings at Carpenters’ Hall
19th March 2018

Transcript of address given by Mary Fleck

When Richard first asked me what I would think if he were to run for election as Sheriff, he was convinced that I would be against the idea.  It’s rather nice to still be able to surprise your husband after nearly 35 years of marriage!  So, contrary to his initial expectations, I told him that he had my full support.

My year as Mistress Tallow Chandler opened my eyes considerably to the workings of the Livery movement.  I was obviously aware in essence of both the charitable and ceremonial side, but had not until then, truly realised the extent of the philanthropic work achieved by the various Livery companies, The Sheriffs and Recorders Fund and the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

You have heard about Richard the Lawyer, the Liveryman, and about his role as a regulator of the accountancy profession, however there are many more strings to his bow.  He has a great number of interests and is a keen sportsman.  Do not be deceived by appearances!  He skis, plays a good game of golf, still cuts it on the Real Tennis court and is a very keen and accomplished sailor, which is how we first met.  I have sailed stormy waters with Richard, both literally and metaphorically and I can assure you that there is no steadier hand on the tiller.  He is very wise, eternally optimistic, has boundless energy and a real talent for problem solving. He is also rather good company!

After the first hustings, someone said to me  “your husband seems very authentic” which I thought was an extremely good one word description of Richard.  He is indeed authentic! He is very open, he has no “side”, he can happily talk to anyone about anything, and there is never a hidden agenda!  If Richard has an agenda, believe me, you will be well aware of every item.

Our daughter and son are not frequent visitors to the city with Sara working in Yorkshire and Peter currently in Alaska, but they are fully supportive of Richard’s quest, and would be enormously proud if he was to succeed.

Should Richard be granted the great privilege of becoming Sheriff, I know he will give it his all, as is his nature, and as his consort, I will do the same.